Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two goats that nearly drowned in Tucumcari, N.M. (see NOAH poem below)


the rain came
thick in tucumcari – it
tried its wet best to
drown both my goats one
atop the
other – smashed her
bony back down in the
muddy flood – the bottom
goat bobbled her frail
back gave way her head
dipped quick below
the surface -- we rescued
the two to the laundryroom –
where both promptly peed
on the floor – the
perfume of ammonia
seeped deep beneath
linoleum as they
pawed hooves all over
white walls – bit a big
hole in the flimsy tin
dryer hose.

-Ryn Gargulinski.12.23.10

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter in Arizona


when I write I
tend to skate the
surface – I tell you
a story I even make
it fancy give you
axels, double-axels,
pliĆ© – but I fear to
scrape beneath the
glacier – it’s been
years in formation to
freeze out emotion who
knows what doth really
lurk beneath – if I poke
at such a carcass it may
unleash thick maggots or
perhaps it’s more like a
cocoon – where inside
dwells a

-Ryn Gargulinski.12.16.10

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Watch dog


You will not –

hold me
down, mr.
man will not
shave off my eyebrows or
yank out my teeth or rip lashes
from my lids or chop limbs at my
knees you will not – you

cannot –
reduce me.

You cannot --

my flame, mr.
man cannot piss
on my bonfire hurl
water on my torch snuff the
innate hot blaze that long makes
my skin scorch cannot hush that

spicy sizzle

in my soul – that
consumes me with
the need to

-Ryn Gargulinski.12.05.10