Monday, November 30, 2009

Which one is the rebel?

REBEL - a poem in five parts

by Ryn Gargulinski

if all my pets
rebelled they could
easily kill me – with their
dog claws their
rat scratch their
catalog of teeth – a fat
lizard who might
suck out my

uppers downers cocaine meth –
heroin crack and PCP – all
rebellion – against the will
to live.

james dean was a
rebel without a cause my friend
dave was a rebel without a
house – while sweet
dean seemed so sexy in his
studly leather angst my friend
dave became
bedraggled began
to smell.

I shaved thick
rebellious lines on the
side of my
head but the lines were not
parallel and I looked
like an idiot.

if all my pets
rebelled they could
easily kill me – and so
could an angry batch of

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Rebel without a Clue

by Andrew Ulanowski

I put on a uniform and I even took an oath
To defend my country and the Constitution
Against all enemies foreign and domestic.
They let me in (despite my lack of education)
And they told me I was to follow orders
Or find myself in jail for a long, long time.
I shook a little in my boots and did as I was told,
Ironing my underwear in perfect 6 inch squares
So I could be a bett(Silly)er Soldier.

One day I went to the flight line as I did most everyday
And the people in charge tried to put me in harm’s way,
Telling me I should do this and that and the other thing.
The things that they were asking were foolish and dangerous
Designed to make Disabled Veterans out of Silly Soldiers.

I refused. (Silly Soldier!)

They took me behind the bulding at work
And proceeded to threaten me with physical harm.
I stood my ground know(hope)ing they were bluffing.

And they were.

They finally decided that it was time for me to go to jail.
They really thought they had me there.
But I just laughed and said,
“Send me to jail; you’ll all still be idiots
And I will have three hots and a cot
Plus all of my limbs.”
(And I won’t have to lis(ten hut!) to your crap
I thought to myself.)

They muttered to themselves
And probably gave the assignment
To someone else who was still ironing their
Undies in those same perfect squares,
6 inches to a side, shaking in their boots
Not knowing that their loyalty
Would probably cost them an arm and a leg.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sawyer as royalty


the dog
chewed off his hind leg
not thinking twice not
thinking just doing it sort of
the way I moved to New York
or the way they perform abortions.

it’s easy not to think
that’s the easy part I often
meditate in traffic going the wrong way
with my eyes closed someone told me
that was dangerous
after they stopped laughing.

It’s easy to think
of gloom & doom and the way
my gerbil’s neck snapped when
I threw him against the cage
after he bit me
an accident
I hid in my brother’s room.

it’s hard
to stay solid,
to stay still, to keep hold
of the air when you are hissing
above the sunset or clunking
below the coal mines with a sickening thud
usually reserved for old men getting hit by cabs
or an old broad’s pocketbook, just don’t call her a broad,
or other things you are sorry for
that had to happen anyway.

-Ryn Gargulinski, 2001

Monday, November 16, 2009

Two roadkill poems (below) inspired by dead rabbit poked by stick


By Ryn Gargulinski

some things are
better off dead – like
anger resentment a
cockroach a king – but not
for the
bunny by
road – you’d

think with
all their
animal Instincts – from
feeding to
breeding to
hopping from a
dog – they would
know when to
cross the

Do I Have Something on My Face?

By Andrew Ulanowski

I’m the funny little bunny
with a runny, little nose.
This look of mine
is no mistake.
It’s something that
I chose.

Looking close
you’ll see I’m smart
or maybe that’s just brains.
It seems my new position
comes with lots of pains.

A day ago
I ran around
on little bunny feet.
I seem to only
be running down the street.

But if you’re feeling sorry
don’t be forever blue.
Just wait a little while
and this will
happen to you too.

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