Friday, April 17, 2009

Gloom and Doom Balloon - week of 4/17

Two and one-half unnatural deaths hit Tucson this past week.

A nearly 2-year-old toddler toddled out of her home on Easter Sunday, while the rest of the family was napping after an Easter outing, and she somehow ended up in the backyard hot tub.

Family members found her unconscious and rushed her to the hospital but it was already too late. The tot was pronounced dead by drowning.

The half-death may be charged as a whole death for the guy who slammed into a car during a police chase and killed an 8-month fetus in its mother’s womb. The mother was injured and the man responsible may be charged with murder under Arizona law.

One more death involved a naked, 50-year-old man who attacked police when they went on a welfare check to his motel room. Police were called to the room because the motel office heard music, noise, banging and groaning in an upstairs room but got no response when they knocked on the door.

When officers entered the noisy room with a pass key, the naked guy came charging at them. He was Tasered and died in a hospital later that morning.

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